Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shower tile work- new bathroom

     When deciding to renovate a bathroom shower, you may want to keep in mind how it affects the resale value of your home. Colors and styles that you love may not appeal to others. Neutral  colors makes it easier for more potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house. If buyers stongly dislike a style or unusual color, they may deduct the cost of replacing the shower from their offer price, even if the tile work is new. 
     Here is a phote of a recent shower we added to our bathroom. We went with a style that harmonizes with our 1914 bungalow. We used white subway tiles on the walls and hex tiles on the floor. The work was done by Cheryle Suazo of NW Property Renovations (503-348-4769). We love her work and can highly recommend her!

We went with white grout on the walls and a slightly darker grout for the floor.

Fence: various building materials

     So you are thinking of putting up a fence. Why not spend a little bit more and make it a great fence that adds more value to the property. Pick a style  with architectural interest and pizzazzzzzzzzzzzz!
     Here is a fence that incorporates different materials, colors, and textures. With an attached arbor, it makes a great focal point at the entry.

Fence: open and airy

This open, airy, cedar fence allows the yard to breath and feels welcoming to the neighbors. It keeps kids and dogs safe inside and for a little extra money, it makes the property sparkle.