Thursday, October 17, 2013

Weird bonus areas in Portland bungalow attics. How to use them.

How many Portland bungalows have a weird attic bonus area with the staircase in the middle of the space and a walkway to one side? It would seem there is not much you can do with the space. However, someone came up with this great solution! In this photo, you can see they placed a twin mattress on one side of the staircase and added an interesting bedspread. They hung some shades for privacy, punched up the color on one wall for pizazz, and decorated with interesting collectibles. It makes a great reading nook to curl up with a book. It can also function as a guest room. (If you plan to use it as a sleeping area, check with your local building officials to make sure there are escapable windows that meet fire regulations.) (Photo: Re-purposing an Attic from Dyanne Wilson Photography on the site.)