Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dining Room- before and after

 This 1914 bungalow had been updated in the 1960's but was looking mighty tired. Some changes to this dining room add a lot of value to the home. The old wallpaper was removed. Tall wainscoting with a plate rail on top was added. The doors and wood trim were all painted white. Warm paint colors were added to the walls giving the dining room and  hall a sunny feel. The wood floors were refinished. Some art, a piece of furniture, and a table lamp were added. What a transformation!

What may look like wainscoting in the before photo was really just a piece of painted wood trim at chair rail height with two types of wallpaper above and below. The tall wainscoting in the after photo is vertical trim boards approximately 18 inches apart with trim molding on top forming a plate rail. The main part of the wainscoting is not made of wood panels. It is just the existing wall plaster, smoothed, and painted with semigloss white. All fairly inexpensive.

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