Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bathroom Storage Cabinet

This bathroom was in need of more storage. The wall to the right of the sink had space to add a recessed cabinet. There was no wiring to move. They just had to cut open the wall and built the cabinet. You can also purchase ready made cabinets from places like Rejuvenation. (Visit their website at In this case they made the box out of plywood, and then trimmed it out to match the moldings in the rest of the house. The door was purchased at a salvage company for $3.00. Some butterfly hinges and a latch were purchased at the hardware store. Then the whole cabinet was painted white. To finish it off they had some glass shelves cut to fit. Using period looking hardware and matching the moldings makes a nice addition to this 1914 bungalow. The attention to details is what adds value.

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